"The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives."  -Anthony Robbins

 As a speech-language pathologist, I strive to help my clients improve their quality of life.  My view of human development follows a belief that we grow and develop as social beings, and communication is a main component of our ability to socially interact.  I believe it is my job to facilitate the client's development across the life-span using my specialized knowledge of speech and language.  My clients constantly teach me new things, and my practice is shaped by what they teach me.  I believe the client's needs, interests, and motivation guide therapy.  I am a firm believer that open communication and collaboration between the client, the family, and me will provide the most effective results for the client.  My goal is to make therapy fun and functional.  I am dedicated to promoting cultural and linguistic diversity in my field to honor language differences.  Beyond the label "speech-language pathologist," I believe I am a collaborator, teacher, consultant, cheerleader, detective, friend, counselor, partner, mentor, learner, facilitator…and the list goes on!